Evergreen State Priory  #41 KYCH Seattle, Washington
Instituted Aug. 14, 1948


Fraternal Greetings and
Our Official Home Page
Knight Rabi K. Peifer
Eminent Prior 2022-2023

V E Bryan D. Bechler, PP,
Personal Representative

For Official Information
Contact the Registrar
I Merle Iverson, Registrar
9818 N Wieber Dr
Spokane, WA 99208-9467
Our annual meeting 
 Myrtle Lodge #108  57 W Sunset WA 
 Isasuquah, WA 98027 April 20, 2024  1:00 PM

OFFICERS 2022-2023
Eminent Prior Rabi K. Peifer
Deputy Prior Michael Holland
Warder Paul Reckamp
Registrar I. Merle Iverson
Prelate David Aponte
Orator Lawrence Byrd
Herald Alan T. Spreen,
Sentinel Joseph McAlister

2009 Bryan D. Bechler
2012 Donald J. Beck
2013 Anthony C Schwab
2015 Alfred J. Luberts Jr.
2018 Joseph MacIntyre
2019-2021 E Jeffrey Craig
2022 W. Gary Norton

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