Vermont Priory  #45 KYCH  Rutland, Vermont
Instituted Nov. 4, 1949

Fraternal Greetings and
Our Official Home Page

William “Sandy” Karstens, IV
Eminent Prior

2024 Meetings;
June 9, 2024
Killington, VT
(at annual Convocation)
June 23, 2024 in Rutland

For Official Information
Contact : Bruce R. Howard,
17 Tuttle Meadow Dr.
Rutland, VT 05701-2544

OFFICERS 2023-2024
Prior Wm. “Sandy” Karstens,IV.P.P.
Deputy Prior Eric C. Steele
Warder: Joshua A. Retchless
Reg/Treas Bruce R. Howard. P.P.
Prelate Roland E. Woodard, P.P.
Orator William J. Ormero

1982 James E. Selleck
1993 Palmer E. Martin
1994 William W. Smith
1996 James R. Winner, III
1999 Stuart E. Lee
2000 Willis J. Morse
2002 Arnold G. Preston
2006 Daniel Ebbighausen
2007 Belford A. Belles
2009 Bruce R. Howard


2010 Donald C. Murray
2011 Guy W. Oldenburgh
2012 David H. Bartlett
2015 Robert H. Landon
2016 Russell J. Slora
2017 Douglas K. Boardman
2018 William Karstens, IV
2020 Roland Woodard
2021 David W. Schuler
2022 Kirk C. White
2023 William “Sandy” Karstens, IV

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